Crysis 2: PT 45: Dark Heart (4/5)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 45: Dark Heart (4/5) 8. Break right and head through the tunnel just to the left of the derailed subway car. Drop down from the ledge and head over to the right. Take out the two nearby aliens, then follow along the stream. 9. Cut to the right. After you pass the subway car torn in half, turn right and move past the taxi. Power jump up the back of the rock, move around to the left (so the alien standing guard won’t see you) and break the second spore vein. 10. Turn right, jump up onto the container and head down the path. Use the tendril to the left to cross the gap. Turn left and walk past the taxi. Use your cloak to sneak past the alien to the left (or annihilate him) and drop down to the section below.