Crysis 2: PT 42: Dark Heart (1/5)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 42: Dark Heart (1/5) 1. Jump up on the sidewalk to the left, then head down the tracks. After you pass the the train that crashes, switch to Nanovision to see the heat signature of the aliens. Kill the one off to the distance that is holding the human, then continue up the slope. 2. Kill the alien down the tacks and the one on the pathway down and to the left. Walk down that pathway. Grab the ammo to the right of the stairs, then continue down the tunnel to the right. 3. Here’s where your shotgun will come in handy. Use your cloak to sneak up on aliens down the tunnel, then fire a couple shots to their heads to take them out. 4. After you turn right down the tunnel, make a left through the fire escape door. Head up the stairs and crouch to get under the ventilation unit (don’t be scarred by the huge spider shadow on the wall—it’s just one of those little bugs).