Crysis 2: PT 39: Seat Of Power (2/4)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 39: Seat Of Power (2/4) 3. Continue to head for the icon on your map. Once you reach the room with the statue in the middle, take the stairs up to the third floor. Load up on ammo and grenades out in front of the door, then head inside. 4. Engage your cloak and turn left through the doorway. Drop down of the stairs (past the unsuspecting aliens) and move along the steps to your left. Once your suit reenergizes, head across towards the blue icon on your map. 5. Again, the aliens are a bit tougher to handle than the soldiers, so use your cloak and the surrounding environment to remain undetected as you move across the area. 6. Once you reach the steps in the left corner of the level, walk up them and head into the room. Head into the next room, resupply (make sure to take the shotgun) and head through the hole in the wall. Turn right down the steps, then left toward the drop-off.