Crysis 2: PT 35: Dead Man Walking (1/3)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 35: Dead Man Walking (1/3) 1. Walk to the ledge and use your sniper to take out the soldiers in the surrounding area. You’ll see them on the roof to the north and on the roof down and to the left (by the air conditioning units). 2. Drop down to the next ledge. Drop down the huge drop to the left to get down to ground level. Take out the soldiers up ahead, switch to cloak mode and head across to the blue icon on your map. 3. Turn left, walk up the east side steps and power jump up the scaffolding to the left. Walk up the slope and power jump up the “Post No Bills” sign. Turn right, grab onto the ledge, turn left onto the deck and then head up the steps to the left.