Crysis 2: PT 34: Gate Keepers (4/4)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 34: Gate Keepers (4/4) 12. Turn left past the caged area with the green tarp. Engage your cloak, then walk all the way around and inside. Light the fuse on the bomb, engage your cloak again and head into through the entry way after you exit the gate. 13. Use your cloak again to sneak past the soldiers and exit back the exact same way you came to the area before. When you arrive, the area should be mostly clear. Head inside the red portable and pull the lever on the wall to the left. 14. Engage your cloak to make a safe exit and head down the stairs around back that will lead to the street. Walk along the left side and take out the nearby guard. Walk through the cage door and open the door inside. 15. Don’t be freaked out by the alien down here. Just walk to the back left corner of the room and down the hallway to complete the level.