Crysis 2: PT 33: Gate Keepers (3/4)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 33: Gate Keepers (3/4) 8. Snipe the lone guard on the rail, then take your position there. Use your cloak and your sniper to take out the group of guards across the way. With the area clear, drop down to the right and get down to ground level. 9. Jump up onto the scaffolding, then move down the ramp (past the porta-potties), turn left after the first container, then right into the caged area with the green tarp. Walk to the back corner and light the fuse on the bombs to create a diversion. 10. After it blows up, engage your cloak, exit the cage and turn left along the wall of the building. Move through the brick walkway and take cover between the container and the wall to the left before your cloak wears off. 11. Wait for your energy to recharge, then cloak up again and cut across the yard (pass the gazebo) and head up the two sets of stairs to the right. Follow the path around and head down the stairs (under the tunnel) and into the courtyard.