Crysis 2: PT 32: Gate Keepers (2/4)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 32: Gate Keepers (2/4) 4. Hop over the roadblock and turn right up the steps into the store. Kill the soldier in the back of the store, then turn left and kill the soldier in the doorway. Pick up the ammo on the counter, then take out the guard in the armored vehicle off in the distance. 5. Turn right and head up the steps into the next building. Engage in cloak mode and quickly head outside into the right in the corner near the scaffolding. 6. Once your objectives get updated, use your cloak, walk across the street and head through the entrance to the left of the deli entrance. Kill the three guards up the stairs and move up. 7. Pick up the ammo on the floor, then jump through the hole and head up the stairs outside. Walk up the long set of stairs to the left and move across the grassy area to the right.