World’s Stupidest Criminal Puts On Mask AFTER Staring At Security Camera

It’s a miracle this guy could even tie his own shoes, let alone rob somebody. Police in New York City are looking for a dimwitted dunce who only thought to put on his mask after making direct eye contact with a security camera – TWICE.

The suspect, who has been described as a Hispanic male standing 5-foot-9 and weighing about 120 pounds, allegedly used a saw to cut a window air conditioning unit free so he could crawl into the M&K Laundromat.

Surveillance video released by police shows the culprit skulking around in the laundromat’s office for several moments searching for cash. You can practically see the moment when a lightbulb goes off in his head and he realizes, “Hey, there are probably security cameras in here.”

He scans the room only to wind up gazing directly into the camera with a slack-jawed, drooling look on his face. The robber fumbles for several moments, apparently trying to recall how to operate his hands, before shooting one more dopey glance at the camera and then finally pulling his mask over his face.

Somehow, this guy was able to pry open a safe with a crowbar and escape the premises with cash, proving once and for all that it doesn’t take brains to be a crook.