Criminal Known As ‘Gold Teeth’ Needs Rescuing After Crashing During Police Chase

Things got a little too hot to handle for this would-be robber when he attempted to elude police capture only to wind up trapped in a fiery wreck with no hope of escaping on his own.

An officer tried to pull this guy over after receiving a tip that he was about to commit a robbery, but he instead drove off. Dashcam footage shows the suspect – known only by the nickname “Gold Teeth” at the time thanks to his, well, gold teeth – swerving his white van all over the road as he frantically tries to escape. He can be seen driving against traffic and over medians in order to shake his pursuers but nothing works.

Eventually, Gold Teeth loses control of the vehicle and winds up crashed on the side of the road as his van immediately goes up into flames. Unfortunately for him, the van landed on its driver’s side, rendering Gold Teeth incapable of getting out of the car.

A team of deputies swooped in to save the man, later identified as Scott Michael Beekman, and safely put him into custody.