Frightening Moment Criminal Holds Knife To Cab Driver’s Throat During Robbery

A taxi driver in the Bronx quickly regretted picking up this passenger when he suddenly found himself with a knife held against his throat.

New interior dashcam footage shows the moment when a knife-wielding thug lunged at the 55-year-old cabbie and nearly slashed his throat while demanding cash. The driver quickly reached down and grabbed a wad of cash to give to the assailant before he could harm him.

Moments prior, the dangerous passenger had asked to be driven just a few blocks away from his pickup destination. Police claim that the incident took place on Monday at around 4:30 am.

The robber also snatched the taxi driver’s cell phone before jumping out of the vehicle. Fortunately, the driver was not harmed and the New York Police Department is now searching for the crook, whose face was caught in detail by the camera.

Anybody with information leading to the thief’s capture is encouraged to phone in a confidential tip to the NYPD.