Criminal Mastermind Caught Red-Handed Installing An ATM Skimmer

You can never be too paranoid when it comes to using the ATM, but covering up when you input your PIN can only get you so far nowadays. Police in the nation’s capital are on the lookout for a man who attached a skimmer to an ATM last week but got caught by surveillance cameras in the act.

The clip shows the clean-cut suspect approaching an ATM located in the corner of an establishment. He can be seen pulling something out of his coat jacket pocket before spending several moments in front of the ATM as he installs the skimmer.

Noticeably, the man never appears to put anything back into his coat pocket, indicating that the skimmer was the small device he produced was the skimmer itself. These gadgets work by reading the data off your card’s magnetic stripe and harvesting it so that the thief can eventually create fake cards or brute force into his victims’ bank accounts.

Fortunately for those who may have swiped their cards at that ATM, an employee was the one who discovered the skimmer; most similar devices need to be manually retrieved by the culprit in order for the stolen information to be put to use.