From the weird mind of Jim Carrey comes a love video for Emma Stone. I mean what’s cooler than making Ace Ventura 3? That’s right making a creepy old dude video geared towards banging Emma Stone and promoting your own true life website. When it comes to creepy videos nothing says sexy like mentioning your age lines and enlarged prostate which makes your trip to the bathrooms more of an extended vacation. I hear FloMax works pretty well. The Mask might also help to get that pee smoking! See what you wouldn’t read about is how Emma Stone thinks it’s pretty innocent and that’s just Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey even if it seems a little like he’s a pedophile who just wants to have weird freckled fat kids with the star of the next reboot of the Spider Man Franchise cause we REALLY needed to reboot a 10 Billion dollar franchise ALLLLLLRRRRIIIIIIGHHTTTYYY THEN!