Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark

Posted by booyah85 on Nov. 14, 2008

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This dog is so creepy! The vile puppy resembles a hell hound much more than anything on earth. There are two of these things standing on either side of the gates of hell, guaranteed. If you were to record the dog's eerie bark and play it backwards you would hear children chanting about the coming apocalypse. This frightening dog's yelps will haunt your nightmares and your dreams. It is that creepy!A hell hound caught on disturbing video makes for one scary clip. This spooky beast has the gnarled yelp of a condemned axe murdering puppy. I would never ever invade this eerie mutt's bed for fear that i would wake up dead! Hopefully a priest was called to send this doomed K9 back to the hell from whence it came. Good riddance to the awful dog!

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