Crazy High-Speed Police Chase On Wet, Busy Roads

It appears that the Brits also enjoy the time-honored tradition of high speed police pursuits. A Derby man led officers on an adrenaline filled thrill ride as he reached speeds upwards of 70 mph as he zipped through 30 mph roadways.

According to authorities, 36-year-old Michael Evans decided to elude capture when police attempted to pull him over for a slew of misdeeds – including a hit-and-run accident and a theft of gasoline from a nearby gas station – that had flagged his car on a national registry.

Dashcam footage from his pursuer shows Evans flying down the middle of the street and narrowly missing several parked cars and pedestrians as he desperately flees. At one point, he even hops his getaway car onto a grassy embankment in an attempt to get around traffic.

The chase continued for several nerve-wracking minutes until Evans decided he’d had enough and stopped his car. He now faces a 12-month jail sentence, with the judge chastising Evans for driving so dangerously and for potentially killing an innocent civilian.

Fortunately for those who will share the roadways with Evans once he gets out of jail, he has also been banned from driving for 30 months.