Cowboys Chase Steer Who Desperately Wanted To End Up As Taco Bell Meat

Prepare yourself for the most Texan video of 2017. An escaped steer who was destined to be turned into steak managed to escape from a butcher shop and ran wild in the street before a pair of horseback-riding cowboys chased it down and nabbed it with a lasso.

Dashcam footage shows the defiant steer dodging police cruisers left and right after his grand escape from Hamilton Meats in Weatherford. The ballsy bovine beast can be seen darting in and out of traffic as several police cars try to rein him in.

That’s when the two cowboys on horseback – who just happened to be in the suburban shopping district for Texas reasons – noticed that police were having trouble with a task that their folk have done for centuries.

The steer’s brave last stand comes to an end outside of a Taco Bell after one of the cowboys wrestles it to the ground with his lasso and police finally manage to control the crazed animal.