Busted! Scumbag Couple Caught On Camera Stealing Louis Vuitton

Looking for ideas for a romantic outing? A pair of shoplifters decided to spend their Monday afternoon robbing a luxury store of a slew of high-priced items before sneaking away undetected, only for their illegal antics to get caught on the store’s security camera.

Surveillance video from a CityCenter Louis Vuitton retailer in Washington D.C. shows a black-clad man and a blonde woman casually entering the premises. To the untrained eye, they appear to be browsing the goods, but a closer look revealed that the couple was actually sneaking items into their personal belongings.

The pair can be seen eyeing some expensive heels. As the woman grabs one of the of the shoes and appears to look it over, the man snatches a clutch purse and hands it over to his accomplice, who quickly slides it under her coat and into her oversized bag.

Later, the woman reaches into a display and grabs a scarf, which she then stealthily hides under her bulky coat before dropping into her purse. She then shuffles the display in order to throw off any observers.

Police are hoping that the video helps the public to identify the shoplifters before they can strike again.