Cop Uses Police Car As Weapon To Stop Rampaging Woman

Dashcam footage out of Tulsa, Oklahoma shows the moment when a fugitive 21-year-old woman wielding a firearm was fatally run down by a police car after firing several wild shots at her pursuers.

The ghoulish incident took place on Saturday when local troublemaker Madison Sueann Dickson apparently spotted an on-duty police officer and decided to begin shooting.

Dickson can be seen pointing the gun in the direction of the dashcam and firing several times before attempting to flee down the sidewalk – only for the imperiled officer to chase Dickson down and run her over with his car before she could peel off any more rounds.

Jonathan Grafton, the officer who used deadly force to take down Dickson, is currently on paid administrative leave as the Tulsa Police Department investigates the incident. Two other officers also fired shots during the intense exchange.

Prior to her death, Dickson was suspected of carrying out a slew of violent crimes throughout Tulsa, including the shooting of a driver who was left in critical condition after his run in with her. She was also accused of shooting a woman in a bungled carjacking attempt, stealing from a Best Buy, and attempting to make off with that was attached to a vehicle.

Dickson faced multiple charges related to her crime sprees and had just dropped out of a drug treatment program a few months before she was killed.