Badass Cop Tackles Unsuspecting Man With Baseball Bat

That’s no way to hit a home run, dude. A SoCal man was caught on surveillance footage using a baseball bat in a feeble attempt to destroy the windows of the West Covina police station – but a cop-turned-linebacker defused the situation with an impressive tackle.

Video from the bizarre incident shows a man walk up to the police station, gently tap a window with the bat a few times as if to gauge its sturdiness, and then begin whacking the glass with all his might.

Several women who were sitting just inside the building can be seen scrambling for cover as the man wails away on the reinforced glass. When he fails to make an impact, the man shambles toward the glass entry doors and continues thumping them.

Suddenly, an officer who was witnessing the debacle from outside the station waited for the culprit to turn his back before lining up an epic tackle. Seriously, this cop might have chosen the wrong profession, as the impact was so severe that it sent 28-year-old Christopher Rivas to the hospital.

Although no glass was broken and no officers were injured, Rivas was arrested on one count each of assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. He is currently being held at the County-USC Medical Center for treatment and evaluation.