Cop Gets Showered With Beer After Trucker Loses Control

A truck driver passing through Las Vegas lost control of his vehicle and spilled his payload, sending hundreds of beer bottles and cans raining down on the interstate.

The bizarre incident was captured by Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Travis Smaka’s dashcam as he pulled over a driver for speeding.

“You guys have anything to drink tonight?” he asked. His timing was almost too perfect. Just then, the sickening sound of brakes locking up can be heard, causing Smaka to jump up in alert.

There’s almost no time to react before a veritable storm of beer begins raining down upon Smaka and the parked vehicle. A hail of beer containers plummets to the ground, sending what Smaka described as a “tidal wave” of beer washing over him.

While the Nevada Highway Patrol admits that the video is rather amusing, they have also used the incident to remind drivers not to cut off semi trucks, especially now that troopers will now be riding shotgun to truckers and handing out tickets to those who endanger them.