Shocking Moment Cop Is Shot In The Crotch During Gunfight With Suspect

Two Cincinnati police officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing after their bodycam footage proved that they were acting in self-defense when they opened fire on a man that had already shot one of them.

The shocking footage shows the moment when Officers Kenneth Grubbs and William Keuper were responding to a domestic abuse call, only for Grubbs to get shot in the crotch by the suspect when the cop attempted to stop him.

That suspect, Damion McRae, had shot Grubbs with a concealed 9mm rifle. Even as Grubbs went down he managed to peel off some shots at McRae while ordering him to put his hands up. Meanwhile, Keuper shielded his partner and also began firing at McRae and managed to hit him, sending him plummeting to the ground.

In all, Grubbs and Keuper fired a total of 25 rounds; McRae only got one shot off before his gun jammed. Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac called it an “act of God,” noting: “If that gun didn’t jam, we might be going to a couple funerals now.”

Grubbs was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. McRae faces a slew of charges related to the incident, including one count of attempted murder and two counts of felonious assault.