Cop In Hot Water After Saying He Recognized Teen Girl When He “Saw Her Ass”

Note to the police officers out there who never seem to learn: if cops in your department are forced to wear a body camera, you better realize when you’re being recorded. A Kansas cop learned this lesson the hard way after bodycam footage revealed him saying some pretty nasty stuff about an 18-year-old girl who had reported a fight to police.

“The girl always ***ing lies,” Officer Brian Barber said about Holton resident Ashley Holthaus, who was 18 at the time. “I didn’t see her face but I saw her ass when she was walking out and I’m like, ‘that’s Ashley Holthaus,’” chimed in Sgt. Steven Frederick.

Even Holthaus’s baby was not spared the officer’s acid tongue: “She’s destined to be a ***ing loser,” he quipped. Police dispatcher Belinda Cashman jumped in with her own zinger: “As ****ed up as that family is, maybe it’s his,” she said, insinuating that Holthaus’s father was also her baby’s father.

As a result of the incident, Holthaus and her father, Doug, received apology letters from all three officials in the video, as well as Holton police chief Gale Gakle. Gakle ensured that the employees have undergone training and will be monitored to make sure it doesn’t happen again.