Cop Pushes Down 86-Year-Old Woman And Then Pepper Sprays 65-Year-Old Woman

Grandma down, grandma down! A protest in Tucson, Arizona, quickly got out of hand thanks to an unhinged police officer who pushed an 86-year-old woman to the ground and began pepper-spraying anybody who got close enough to help her up.

Shocking bodycam footage from a demonstration against President Trump’s immigration policies in downtown Tucson shows the elderly lady screaming at police officers and wagging a scolding finger in their faces.

Suddenly, the triggered cop grabs her wrist and pushes her, sending the woman toppling backwards onto the street with a painful thud. As a 65-year-old woman bends down to help her up, the same cop rushes in and blasts her in the face with his pepper spray canister.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus released a statement on Facebook claiming that the protest had posed a “safety and logistical challenge” because of the protesters’ decision to move off the sidewalks and block traffic.

“Most of the crowd complied and returned to the sidewalks, but some of the protesters did not follow the officers’ lawful directions, creating an extremely dangerous situation on a busy road,” Magnus added.