Hilarious Moment Cop Gets Attacked By Angry Goose

Police brutality usually isn’t a laughing matter, but when it’s an angry goose terrorizing a terrified cop, it’s actually pretty funny. Surveillance cameras captured the hilarious moment when an unassuming police officer ran afoul of the wrong fowl.

This Louisville, Kentucky detective was making his way inside the police headquarters when a wild goose suddenly appeared, launching a sneak attack from a grassy area just as the lawman walks into frame.

Dazed and confused, the officer backs away, but the goose adopts a fighting stance and spreads its wings wide. The officer collects himself for a moment before trying to nonchalantly walk past the angry bird – only to find himself getting bullied to the ground by a couple of menacing wing flaps.

The goose launches another dive-bomb attack on the downed officer before he finally manages to scramble back onto his feet and sprint down the path, the irate bird in hot pursuit. Once the cop is nowhere to be seen, the goose scans his surroundings for any other potential victims before coolly strutting into the bushes.

Geese: 1, Police: 0.