Dashcam Captures Cop Car’s Head-On Collision With Pickup Truck

If you’re having a bad day, just be thankful that you’re not the lady in Michigan who crashed into a police cruiser head-on and completely totaled it while she was simply trying to pull into a gas station.

Dashcam footage released by the Ionia Department of Public Safety shows the calm before the storm as an officer waits patiently behind a red light intending to make a left turn.

As soon as he completes the turn, going about 20 mph, the cop finds himself face-to-face with a female driver who was attempting to enter the gas station parking lot, apparently unaware that she would not be able to make it in time.

Neither driver manages to hit the brakes quickly enough to prevent the low-speed collision, resulting in an accident that would have been completely avoidable had the woman been paying closer attention.

Instead of raging at the negligent driver, the cop simply calls in the accident and tries to console her as she tearfully apologizes. The woman faces a citation for failure to yield; the police cruiser was rendered useless as a result of the collision.

While a passenger in the pickup truck was trapped following the accident, she was released a short time later after the emergency response team removed the door. None of the three people involved in the crash suffered a serious injury.