No-Nonsense Cop Busts Open Window To Arrest Self-Proclaimed Sovereign Citizen

A Florida man who took to Instagram to complain about police brutality has been exposed as a liar by new dashcam footage released by police, who stand by their use of force to arrest the defiant driver.

The showdown between the self-proclaimed sovereign citizen and Santee Patrolman Logan Riley Null unfolded on April 12, when police received a report of a white Audi driving erratically down I-95. Null spotted a vehicle matching the description and moved in to initiate a traffic stop.

Dashcam footage shows Null asking the driver to provide his identification, but he continuously refuses, so Null turns up the heat.

“If you don’t provide your license, you’re gonna go to jail,” he tells the driver. When that still doesn’t do the trick, Null calls for backup. Two more officers arrive on the scene, including Santee Police Chief Bing Jones, and the cops figure that they will have to bust through the driver’s window.

Null gives the driver one last chance to surrender peacefully before taking the matter into his own hands – literally. He rips open the window, unlocks the door and places the driver under arrest as he complains about his rights being violated. Sure enough, police discovered an open bottle of vodka in the passenger compartment.

The suspect was charged with misdemeanor charges of speeding, violating liquor laws, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. All things considered, it appears that the police were downright patient with this guy.