Cop Arrested After Getting Drunk With Inmate And Letting Him Drive His Car

A Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy who checked a Dallas County inmate out of jail so that they could get hammered was arrested over the weekend after he got into a crash in his personal vehicle – with the inmate behind the wheel.

Chance Dodson, 42, a Dallas County Sheriff’s Investigator, was found in a ditch by police in Jefferson County alongside 38-year-old Jason Poole, who Dodson apparently let drive after getting too drunk himself. Poole later blew a 0.14 BAC.

Bodycam footage from the arrest shows a belligerent Dodson begging his fellow cops not to arrest him by drunkenly slurring, “we’re on the same team!”

Later, the arresting officer asks Dodson if he is a police officer, to which Dodson replies in the affirmative. When asked what department he’s a part of, Dodson replies: “What department do you want me to be?”

Incident reports reveal that Dodson tried to pass as an undercover cop, but since he was in a different county and using his personal vehicle, the ruse did not fool anyone.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office planned to suspend Dodson until Jefferson County could complete its investigatin and eventually decided to fire him, but Dodson turned in his resignation the day before getting the ax. He was only charged with disorderly conduct since he was not found behind the wheel.

Dodson’s antics have convinced Dallas County to revise its policy on allowing deputies to check inmates out of jail. Now, deputies must obtain written consent from either the sheriff or the chief deputy to do so.