Controversy After Cop Points Gun At Kids Who’d Just Finished Playing Basketball

Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan are now facing criticism after releasing bodycam footage of the moment when a cop held a group of five young boys at gunpoint while following up on reports of an armed suspect in the area.

The incident unfolded on March 24, when someone called police to report a fight between two individuals, one of which had allegedly dropped a gun. When Officer Caleb Johnson arrived on the scene, he spotted a large group of youngsters and immediately sprang into action.

Johnson hops out of his cruiser and whips out his gun before telling the boys – one of which had been innocently dribbling a basketball – to get on the ground. Sirens can be heard ringing out a few moments later, causing one of the boys to begin wailing in terror.

“You’ll be alright, you’ll be alright. They’re going to have you – they’ll have some directions for you in a moment,” Johnson says, attempting to console the child. “Just stay put, okay?”

One of the kids can also be heard saying: “I don’t want to die today, bro.”

As it turns out, none of the children were armed. They had just finished playing basketball at a nearby community center and were on their way home when Johnson mistook them for the alleged perpetrators.