Hey everyone, are ya ready to catch the fever?? Of course you are, because who doesn't want to go see a movie that will make you afraid to leave your house for fear of catching an infectious disease that began in Hong Kong but is NOW spreading worldwide with the 1 main symptom of destroying all your innards?? Bring the whole family. Gwyneth Paltrow is the 1st person to catch the disease in the movie, and shockingly the name of the disease is not "Country Strong". It also stars Matt Damon, hopefully with the same mustache that he sported in "The Informant". There's also a ton of cameos from other celebrities, and I would mention them, but I think they all die too. But there are at least 2 positive things that'll come out of the movie contagion: Stock in hand sanitizer is gonna go through the roof! And since the disease starts in Hong Kong and is picked up by a skinny white lady (Paltrow), this is one disaster movie where a black guy isn't gonna die first!