Company Picnic - The Meth Minute 39

It's summer and the show is almost over, so we decided to throw a company picnic for all the Meth Minute 39 characters. It was meant to be a fun team building exercise, but, well... these are some really odd people who don't really get along that well. You might say they are operating on different wavelengths. Features Vic, Coug, The Craigs, Space Cowboy, Mike Tyson, Wang Warriors, and just about every other character who's ever shown up. Directed by Dan Meth. Starring: Devin Clark Dan Meth Scott Kaufman Patty DeArtegea Mark Vitelli Steve Ofori Justin Johnson Orville McCarter Alex Milyavskiy Derek "Nacho" Nason Angie Polk Tom Forget Lindsey Chen Alan Kaufman Curt Battles Benjamin Marra Matt Dorfman Additional Art: Josh Weisbrod Avi Tuchman Luis Cerritos Music By: Michael Karp Whodis? Beetown Records Call our toll-free hotline: 1-866-575-1384