I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. Hurricane Irene is here people! Now if there’s anything I’ve learned in my short life is that someone named Irene is usually old and ornery. Like my Aunt Irene, she was a real bitch! Can I say that? Sorry... Hurricane Irene looks to be heading straight for northeast shore points like, Myrtle Beach, Ocean City Maryland and Cape May New Jersey… all we can hope is that it will hit Seaside Heights and finally take out the cast of Jersey Shore. Even DJ Pauly D’s blowout can’t handle 100 mile per winds… or at least we hope it can’t. On a serious note if you’re at these shore points please evacuate and if you’re a surfer stay and hit some totally stoked out waves brah. Another fun thing to do in really high winds is put on some rollerblades and hold onto a bed sheet like a windsail and blow yourself all around town. You’ll look pretty cool. I promise. I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.