Columbine Shooting Witnesses Speak Out

Interviews with witnesses who reported other gunmen at the Columbine shooting. you can see in this media interview from 20 April 1999 with Columbine High School sophomore Chris Wisher, some witnesses to the Columbine shootings reported gunmen other than seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as having been involved as active participants in the now-famous massacre we all know as Columbine.Ive documented some of the many, and by many, I mean, in some cases, dozens of witnesses who independently corroborated specific witness reports of other gunmen at Columbine, many of whom named the non-Harris/non-Klebold suspects by name, in a 2007 video called The Columbine Cause and subsequent pieces. These other suspects included current and former CHS students Chris Morris, Robert Perry and Brian Sargent, as well as at least one unidentified adult who was reportedly witnessed prowling the science areas with a sawed-off shotgun.I recentl