College Football

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. College football is back bitches… that’s pretty much the douchiest way I could start this newsfeed so you’re welcome. I’m a huge college football fan so the start of college football for me is kind of like Christmas morning… A Christmas morning full of beer, wings and drunk girls who still think they’re in college and may just have a one night stand with this guy. Oh yeahhh… This year’s AP #1 is Oklahoma with Alabama, Oregon, LSU and Boise St. rounding out the top 5… shocking Miami didn’t make it in there? I mean a program that buys their players with strippers, cocaine, prostitutes and back alley abortions (someone call Charlie Sheen) ought to be in the top 5 am I right? Now I’m very excited for my Penn State Nittany lions to be average and have no chance to win a national championship along with just about every other team because the NCAA refuses to have a playoff and just let’s a robot computer decide the champion. Someone better call John Connor to fix college football… cause that dude hates robots! I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed