Close Call Caught On Dashcam Involving Trooper And Out Of Control Semi Truck

A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper is lucky to be alive after an out-of-control semi truck veered over the highway median and on a crash course towards his cruiser.

Dashcam footage released by the KHP shows the officer driving on eastbound I-70 in inclement conditions. In the distance, a semi truck can be seen lurching out of its lane and careening toward the camera.

The truck jackknifes back toward the median as the driver desperately attempts to avoid hitting any oncoming vehicles. Meanwhile, the quick-thinking trooper manages to drive off the highway onto the embankment to avoid a collision.

“Please SLOW DOWN and gauge the road mile by mile,” wrote the trooper on Facebook, who blamed the accident on the semi truck driver going too fast for the conditions. “Just because it’s not icy where you are, does not mean it may not be icy 20 miles down the road. Again, if you don’t need to drive please STAY HOME.”