Terrifying Scene In Cleveland Where Woman Is Abducted From Convenience Store

Scary footage out of Cleveland shows the moment when a missing woman was abducted from inside of a convenience store by a man who literally picked her up and threw her into his vehicle as she struggled to get away.

Police are frantically searching for the victim, who authorities say walked into a Transmart Grocery store at around 9:45, sobbing, and asked to use the phone. She then dialed 911, but no word has surfaced as to the details of the call.

Surveillance footage from outside of the store shows an unidentified man driving up to the premises in a gold Chevy Trailblazer and walking inside. The woman appears to panic when she sees the man and attempts to defend herself put he simply drags her out of the store.

The abductor throws the woman into his SUV through the driver’s side door, pushes her over to the passenger’s side, and then drives away.