Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Better celebrate it right by breaking out a sick day for work on the 6th so you can drink plenty of Mexican beer and eat plenty of Mexican food. Here are two of my favorito recipes.

First, Nachos! The key to making nachos is that you can’t load them down with too much cheese, meat or guacamole. If at the end of the whole thing, you can see even one shred of tortilla chip, time to head to the store and buy my secret nacho ingredient: a can of hearty chili to dump all over the top!

Second, Burritos. The only rule with burritos is that you have to have a flour tortilla to wrap around it at the end. Other than that, no rules. I challenge you to be creative! Use plenty of meat: chicken, carne asada, pork. You can even use my favorite meat… bacon!