Hey Christians, put this story in your condescending pipe and smoke it. Dancing With the Stars has now gone transgender as Chaz, don't call me Chastity anymore or I'll shove your face into my manly armpit, Bono has been added to the cast for the new season. Now, besides the fact that Chaz can grow more facial hair than I can, Gays & Lesbians everywhere are celebrating in the respective booty shorts & long-sleeve flanel shirts, but Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, claims that "This is part of Hollywood's insistence on tearing down traditional families". In other words, only heterosexuals should be on TV. You tell me what's worse: Watching the Kardashians & the Real Housewives pretend to be actual human beings on a weekly basis, or watching the real life Peter Griffin try to shed on pounds doing the Rumba. I am Team Chaz all the way. Suck it judgemental Christians.