Chris Hansen Affair

Chris Hansen Affair on NewsFeed – The man behind catching sexual predators has been caught himself. Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen has reportedly been carrying on an affair with a 30 year-old news anchor from Florida according to hidden cameras set up by the National Enquirer. When asked about it, Hansen responded “whoh whoh whoh, this is not what it looks like. She’s totally legal. AND the Smirnoff Ice & Otis Spunkmeyer cookies on the table are for me. That’s what I’m into!!”.
I get it, cheating is wrong. But how seriously can we take a story reported by the National Enquirer? That’s like turning on your national news and seeing the story “President Obama caught in a 3 way sex scandal involving the Hamburglar & Lois from “Family Guy”. Our source? Cracked Magazine. Grain of salt people.