Badass Chinese Restaurant Employees Fend Off Would-Be Robber With Soup Ladle

An attempted robber who menaced a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn left the premises empty-handed when the owner and her head chef bravely brandished a set of improvised weapons to fend him off.

Surveillance footage released to the public shows the moment when a masked man wielding a knife barged into Chen’s Garden and demanded that owner Yan Lin turn over all the money in her register.

Instead of acquiescing to the armed culprit, though, Lin grabbed a knife and began to fight back. She was joined by chef Liu Chun, who grabbed the nearest armament – a humble ladle – and fiercely warded off the attacker.

As the robber began to retreat, Chun threateningly picked up a stool and hurled a stream of curses at the frightened thief. That was the final straw: he turned tail and ran right out of the eatery before Lin and Chun could exact their revenge.

The culprit is currently at large, suspected of pulling off similar heists at a number of local businesses. While Lin insists that she was unfazed by the attempted holdup, Chun expressed concern that the knife-wielding robber would strike again after reports that he continued his criminal rampage at nearby restaurants.

If the suspect returns, Lin said, she plans to fend him off next time with scalding hot oil instead of knives and ladles.