Chinese girl under 2 years is hit by a van - and is ignored by p

Posted by FuriaTV on Oct. 19, 2011

The images are shocking. A Chinese girl of two years is hit by a van in a Chinese market. The child is on the ground, the driver realizes the hit-and back but continues to go over the baby. But the violence of being hit is even greater and the child is brain dead. The driver fled the scene and several people even as they help one child by Yue Yue and there are even those who turn away not to touch the child, without, however, stop to help. The lack of aid has had an even more serious consequence. Another truck came back to go over the child and hits it. In total, the BBC was the child abandoned on the ground seven minutes and was ignored for 18 people. The girl was finally rescued by a woman in the trash and taken to a hospital, seriously injured. According to Chinese media, the baby is in a coma and is now brain dead. Police arrested the drivers of vehicles who said they saw the child. The case, which occurred on Thursday, sparked demonstrations of millions of Chinese on the Internet. Many ask where are t

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