Chat Roulette Girls Speed Painter

Posted by Staff on Apr. 29, 2010

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Some guy draws chat roulette girls on MS Paint. This dude has got some impressive skills quickly drawing random people in chat roulette. This guy is like the Jack Dawson of Chat Roulette, I wonder how many girls he charmed into drawing nude. I’m sure he got at least one if not two chat roulette girls to draw naked.

I wonder how many chat roulette penises he had to draw before he got actual faces. There are always freaks in cat suits on chat roulette. See how he's doing at Holy Taco.This thing has gone a bit far I think. We're all aware of what it's done for the online sex world. But now dudes are painting these babes with MS Paint? This is a new low. The good news is that this guy is a damn good artist. Check it out.

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