Charlie Sheen Roast

On Saturday the 10th, Comedy Central taped the roast of Charlie Sheen and preliminary reports are indicating that Sheen was a great sport in the face of pretty brutal jokes like this one that I wrote. After Charlie’s recent coke and hooker binge, he told everyone that he had Tiger Blood, I think what he meant to say was AIDS. The panel consisted of some comedy heavy weights such as Jon Lovitz and William Shatner, as well as regular sized not fat people like Steve-O and Amy Schumer. It also had Slash from Guns and Roses who is so skinny he must be infected with tiger blood too… Look at him. The Sheen roast airs on Sep 19th, the same day that Ashton Kutcher makes his debut on the season premiere of “2 and a Half Men.” This would be a perfect time for Ashton to reveal that this whole Sheen melt down is just the first episode of the new season of Punk’d.