I’m Eric Schwartz for Newsfeed. The guy you'd never think of to do a Superbowl wrap-up. But here goes! You know, the Superbowl is heavily attended by the rich and famous, which is probably why it wasn’t taken over by the Occupy movement. They’d be like, “Occupy Superbowl! Wait...who can afford a ticket.” So, for the 99 percent, here's my recap: Kelly Clarkson did a great job singing the National Anthem. Even better than Steven Tyler. And she wore less makeup. But not everyone was happy for her. American Idol winner Jordin Sparks was at the Superbowl, saying she wished it was her singing the National Anthem instead of Kelly. Aw, that’s a nice sentiment for your fellow “Idol” winner. “Oh say can you see...” “Oh I can see just fine, Kelly. You just worry about your pitch.” Snoop Dogg attended the game. One reporter asked why he never performs the National Anthem and ended up getting a faceful of smoke. Snoop’s “California Gurls” songmate Katy Perry rocked a pre-Bowl party, where she dedicated her sexually-suggestive song “Peacock” to Tim Tebow. Wow! Maybe now when he “Tebows,” he’ll change his prayer from the big man upstairs to the little man downstairs. I’m Eric Schwartz and you’ve just been fed.