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Posted by Break.com Staff on Jun. 03, 2011

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Celebrity Sexting on Newsfeed - You probably think that you are pretty savvy right? You probably have an Ipad2 and a prius. But are you sexting? Sexting is the newest form of communicating in which cell phone users send explicit photos and texts to one-another to get them excited in ways emoticons cant. Several celebrities have been caught in scandals because of sexting – like Tiger Woods’ 15 mistresses that ended his marriage as well as Jesse James’ nazi mistress that ended his marriage with America’s sweetheart. But sexting in the wrong hands could turn into a free naked photo shoot like in the case of Rihanna’s naked photos, Vanessa Hudgens naked photos, Blake Lively’s maybe fake naked photos, and considerably less googled, Brett Favre’s penis photoshoot. So the point is, if you are sexting, make sure you are comfortable with the possibility of everyone being able to see it, and saving it as the wallpaper on their phone. You guys wanna see my phone?This is latest internet fad and one of my all time favorites. Sexting. Seems like just about everybody is sexting lately.

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