‘Catching Fire’ Trailer Premieres At Comic-Con

Over the weekend, Katniss and Co. showed up in San Diego at a little thing called Comic-Con to share with 6,000 of their nearest and dearest fans the first trailer for Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel due out November 22nd.

Rather than recap the trailer that you can just as easily watch, let’s discuss Jennifer Lwarence’s training for the film as she spoke about it on the panel. She said, “the hardest stunt is probably still just basic running.”

Hmm. That seems counterintuitive. Go on, Jennifer.

“Running and trying not to hit myself in the face with my bow, those were my two greatest challenges,” adding that she runs “weird” and had to hire a running coach.

What’s really odd about this statement is that she won an Oscar for a film in which half her screen time seemed to be following her as she ran around the neighborhood. I guess they weren’t looking for Oscar-caliber jogging in this film, but perhaps some sort of trot that resonates better with middle America and tweens.