Sickening Scene Where Car Swerves Onto Sidewalk To Hit Pedestrian

Police in Birmingham, England have released surveillance footage from the terrifying moment when a driver swerved onto a sidewalk and mowed down a 17-year-old girl before speeding off.

The chilling video shows a black BMW making a hard right turn and nearly colliding with an oncoming vehicle before lurching toward the unsuspecting teenager, who was out shopping with her mother.

In an act that authorities suspect was deliberate, the driver crashed into the girl from behind and sent her crashing to the ground. She suffered serious head and neck injuries as a result of the collision.

Now, authorities have launched a full-fledged investigation to find the identity of the hit-and-run culprit, operating under the assumption that it was a targeted attack.

The girl was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and is still in recovery.