“He’s Still Rolling After He Rolled It!” Car Flips In Police Chase, Keeps Going

A teen who was on the run from police after getting clocked at 105 mph dramatically flipped his car at one point during the high-speed chase, only to continue eluding capture for several miles before his car finally sputtered out.

The incident took place around 10:00 pm, when a Kershaw County, South Carolina deputy watched 18-year-old Malik Deshai Shoulders zip by at breakneck speeds down Interstate 20. When the cop tried to pull him over, Shoulders sped up and began fleeing toward Columbia.

Shoulders can be seen weaving in and out of lanes – diligently using his turn signal, for some reason – and exiting the highway at random intervals. During one exit attempt, the runaway teen appears to overcorrect and ends up losing control of his car.

The car flipped two or three times before landing on its tires, allowing Shoulders to simply drive back onto the highway from the grassy embankment and continue fleeing.

After several minutes, the officer notices that the chase won’t last much longer. “He can’t go much further, his tire’s gotta…” he can be heard saying before Shoulders’ vehicle finally gives up the ghost in a vacant lot next to a gas station.

Shoulders briefly fought with arresting deputies before giving in, later confessing that he fled police in a panic since he was carrying weed. He faces charges of speeding, failure to stop, possession of marijuana, and no valid driver’s license.