Harrowing Video Of Car Exploding Moments After Heroic Cops Pull Out Driver

A New Jersey man vacationing in Florida found himself trapped in a fiery wreckage after slamming his rental car into a concrete barrier. Just moments after police managed to rescue him from the inferno, the car exploded… just like they do in the movies!

Police dashcam footage shows officers from the Titusville Police Department responding to the scene after 44-year-old Philip Thistle collided with a heavy concrete guardrail with enough force to topple it over.

Thistle can be heard screaming in agony as the cops pull him out of the car and haul him to safety. Just seconds later, the car actually blows up with a loud banging noise as Thistle lets out his own rendition of the Wilhelm Scream.

Miraculously, he is expected to recover. The Titusville Police Department has hailed the three brave officers who risked their lives as heroes after realizing how close they came to sustaining serious injuries in the blast.

Blowing up a rental car, though – that’s gotta cost you a pretty penny.