Car Arson Caught On Security Camera Leads To Police Investigation

Surveillance footage out of Canada shows the moment when an unidentified person set fire to a parked car in what investigators are treating as a classic case of arson.

In the clip, a person can be seen standing next to the passenger side of the car as he or she appears to be fiddling with a lighter. Suddenly, a blast of flame sends the culprit running out of frame as the fire begins to engulf the vehicle.

Nobody was hurt as a result of the incident, and firefighters showed up shortly thereafter to put out the flames. Now, police are hoping that the video, which was filmed in Hamilton, Canada, can lead to a suspect.

Within the last two months, two drive-by shootings targeting adjacent homes have taken place along the same street where the torched car was parked. Nobody was hurt in either shooting, but residents in the area have begun to take increased security precautions.