Canada Calls On Police Helicopter And K9 Unit To Track Down Candy Thieves

Canada does not mess around when it comes to people who steal candy. A trio of teenagers who pilfered sweets from an amusement park were easily tracked down after local police deployed a helicopter equipped with thermal imaging and a snarling canine unit to apprehend them.

In the clip, the helicopter can be seen circling Canada’s Wonderland as it monitors the terrified teens, who are hiding in a grassy area near a rollercoaster.

“I’ve got one laying down, one crouched down, and there’s another heat source but I don’t know if it’s a third person or not,” an officer says from the chopper.

Before long, a group of police officers enter the frame, led by a sharp-nosed hound who managed to follow the teens’ trail all the way from where the heist took place. The culprits quickly surrender once the dog comes into view.

York Region police explained their intense reaction to what many would consider a minor crime, noting that all break-and-enters in progress are treated as high-priority incidents. They also confirmed that the teens had expressed great remorse for their actions and were released to their parents – after getting slapped with mandatory community service.

Still, local taxpayers are incensed about what has been labeled as a disproportionate response to a minor crime.

“Absolute and utter waste of police resources that really should come under the umbrella of business loss prevention,” one commenter opined, while another quipped: “A drone (quadcopter) could have done this for much less money.”