Insane Camerman Sprints To Armed Suspect’s Vehicle During Police Chase

A Los Angeles cameraman proved himself as one of the most ballsy – or brain-dead – people in the industry after he was caught on live TV running up to an armed suspect’s car in the middle of a heated police chase to get some up-close footage of the perp.

In footage shot by a KLTA-5 helicopter cam, an armed man driving a white vehicle can be seen leading a police convoy down the street. He appears to be trying to determine whether the LAPD still intends to chase him.

As the suspect approaches a red light, he gets stuck behind several cars and cannot easily clear the intersection. That’s when the intrepid cameraman darts through the busy street until he’s right next to the white car and begins filming the fugitive.

“I gotta say – why you’d do anything like that is hard to understand,” the anchor can be heard wondering aloud as the cameraman keeps rolling. Shortly thereafter, the light turns green and the suspect speeds off, with the cameraman briefly following.

It’s difficult to tell whether this guy deserves a Pulitzer Prize or a Darwin Award after that stunt.